Best Zinc Supplements in India

Zinc is one of the most essential minerals that our body needs for optimum functioning, proper growth and development.

It helps boost your immunity, supports brain functioning and promotes vision as well as heals your wounds faster.

Deficiency of the mineral Zinc for a prolonged period of time leads to reduction of testosterone and dilutes your muscle strength.

How Much Zinc You’ll Need Per Day?

Generally, men need 11 mg of Zinc per day and women need 8 mg.

The dosage increases to 11 mg per day in case of pregnant women and 12 mg in case if you’re breastfeeding.

However, never exceed the consumption of Zinc to more than 40 mg per day for adults as it would cause severe health issues.

Top 10 Foods that are High in Zinc

Below is a list of food sources that are rich in the mineral Zinc.

  • Meat – Beef, Pork and Lamb are an excellent source of Zinc
  • Shellfish – A low calorie and best source of Zinc
  • Legumes – Beans, Lentils and Chickpeas contain substantial amounts of Zinc + protein too
  • Seeds – Hemp, Flax, Pumpkin and Squash seeds contain significant amounts of Zinc along with other essential minerals and fiber
  • Nuts – Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds are a good sources of Zinc as well as fat and fiber
  • Dairy – Milk and Cheese contain good amounts of bio-available Zinc
  • Eggs – Contain moderate amounts of Zin, healthy fats, protein and other minerals
  • Whole Grains – Wheat, Quinoa, Rice and Oats
  • Dark Chocolate – Contains reasonable amounts of Zinc but have it in moderation as it contains lots of calories in the form of sugar
  • Some Veggies – Potatoes (regular & sweet), green beans, kale contain reasonable amounts of Zinc

You can get the required Zinc by including these foods in your menu. However, in case, if you’re unable to get the DV of Zinc from these foods, then you may opt for Zinc supplements in the form of tablets.

Best Zinc Supplements in India 2020

1.Jarrow Formulas, Zinc Balance

Jarrow Formulas, Zinc Supplements

This is one of the best advanced Zinc supplement that has both Copper and Zinc. It makes use of Zinc in the form of a high absorbable form (Zinc L-methionine) that is not only readily absorbed by your body but also do not cause any side effects.

There are total 100 capsules per bottle.

Each capsule contains 100% DV of Zinc (15 mg) and 100% Copper, as gluconate (1 mg).

Other ingredients include Cellulose and Magnesium Stearate (veg source)

2.Optimum Nutrition (ON) ZMA

Optimum Nutrition Zinc Magnesium supplements

Another highly absorbable supplement that comes with the benefit of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6, thereby making it ideal for athletes and bodybuilders.

It promotes muscle growth and also increases testosterone (male hormone) levels by up to 44%.

A single bottle contains 180 capsules (non-vegetarian).

Each tablet provides 30 mg of Zinc, 450 mg of Magnesium and 10.5 mg of Vitamin B6.

Other Ingredients include Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose and Magnesium Stearate

3.Nature’s Bounty Chelated Zinc

Natures Bounty Chelated Zinc Tablets

Nature’s Bounty is another most trusted supplements brand in India. It makes use of chelated Zinc, a more concentrated form of Zinc that does not contain any artificial colors, additives or preservatives.

It supports the immune system, digestive, cardiovascular and reproductive system in both the genders.

A single bottle contains 100 caplets and you’ll need to take 1 capsule per day.

Each serving provides 50 mg of Zinc

Other ingredients include Vegetable Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, <2% of Silica, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Vegetable Stearic Acid.

4.Zenith Nutrition Zma For Muscle Building & Recovery

Zenith Nutrition Zinc For Muscle Growth

Zenith Nutrition has been in the industry since a long time and is well known for their quality products. It contains the blend of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6.

It provides the essential minerals that boosts your energy metabolism and supports speedy recovery after a workout.

Each bottle contains 90 veg capsules.

Each serving provides 20 mg Zinc, 200 mg Magnesium and 10 mg of Vitamin B6.

It contains no sugar, salt, flavor, fish or gluten.

5.Zenith Nutrition Zinc Gluconate

Zenith Nutrition Zinc for Testosterone

Zinc Gluconate is beneficial especially for the growth and development of healthy body tissues and also to treat Zinc deficiency symptoms in both men and women.

All the capsules are 100% vegetarian and contain no preservatives, gelatin, wheat or animal by-products.

Each bottle contains 120 veg capsules and the dosage is 1 tablet per day.

Each serving provides 30 mg of Zinc.

Other ingredients – Vegetable cellulose, Dicalcium Phospate

6.Super Gummy Zinc + Vitamins For Kids

Chewable Zinc + Vitamins For Kids

Since kids do not like to consume oral supplements due to the bad taste, here is a super solution – Chewable Gummy Zinc+ vitamins for kids.

As the children like to eat gummies, this is the best way to make them get the Zinc + vitamins successfully.

It provides Zinc along with Vitamins A, C, and D for growth and development.

Each packet contains 30 chewable supplements.

1 gummy equals = Vitamin C in 1 Orange, 375 gms of Zinc, Vitamin A in ½ cup of carrots, Vitamin D in 2 cups of mushrooms.

That’s all friends! These are the Best Zinc Supplements available in India for men and women. They contain the best absorbable form of Zinc and hence we included these products in the list.

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