How Did Zarine Khan Lose Weight? Diet Plan & Workout

Have you wondered anytime how Zareen Khan lost weight and became so fit? Her debut movie ‘Veer’ not only bombed at the box office, but she also received a lot of criticism for her overweight. Surprisingly, she later appeared in an item number along with Salman Khan in the movie ‘Ready’, where she became the talk of the town with her slim physique.

The so called critics who criticized her for her excess body weight showered praises on her after the item song. In her next movie, Zareen totally killed it with her stunning physique.

Zareen Khan’s Weight Loss Story

Zarine Khan Weight Loss Pictures Before Diet

The Bollywood actress Zarine Khan has lost around 43 Kgs. Considering Zareen Khan’s initial weight (100 Kgs) when she entered the film industry, it is definitely a dramatic weight loss journey. She used to binge a lot on the junk foods because of which she put on a lot of weight in her teenage. Actually, Zareen always dreamt of becoming a doctor, but acting happened as an accident, which is the reason why she didn’t care about her weight during her college times.

Unfortunately, Zareen couldn’t become a doctor and she opted the modelling career. That is when she has decided to lose those extra weight. In just a year, she lost 43 Kgs or 95 pounds by following a proper diet and workout routine.

Zarine Khan Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Eating right nutrition has to be the goal of anyone who is trying to lose weight. According to a study, the best weight loss strategy is – 80% diet and 20% exercise. You should always remember that one cannot outrank a bad diet with exercise.

Say for example, you can easily get 500 calories from 1 ½ Samosa, which is one of the high calorie Indian snacks. But in order to lose those 500 calories, you’ll need to run for at least 1 hour with 8mph speed. Having said that, it is very easy to cut down calories from food rather than burning the same through workouts.

Zareen Khan hated the word crash dieting and that is the reason why she opted for a high protein diet, which includes chicken, eggs, vegetables, juices and also drink lots of water. Below is a sample meal plan followed by Zarine Khan to lose weight.

  • After Wakeup: She drinks at least 1 liter of water on an empty stomach. This will help flush the impurities from your body.
  • Breakfast: Brown bread toast with two egg whites, followed by fruits (Apple, Orange, Watermelon etc…) and Sprouts.
  • Mid-Morning Snacks: Vegetable soups
  • Lunch: Cooked brown rice along with stir-fried veggies and grilled chicken (boneless).
  • Afternoon-Snacks: Sprouts, Coconut Water
  • Dinner: A bowl of salad, brown rice with boiled veggies and grilled chicken breast.

She makes sure to eat every two hours in small proportions instead of having larger meals. This will boost her metabolism, thereby enabling her to burn more fat.

Zareen Khan Weight Loss Workout Plan

Zareen Khan's Workout Pictures in Gym

As I said earlier, you need to complement your diet with exercise in order to lose weight safely. Drastically cutting down the calories from the diet alone will make you unhealthy. So, Zarine’s perfect figure is a combination of diet and workouts. She has worked hard to lose all those extra pounds and it is her Gym instructor ‘Yasmin Karachiwala’ who needs to be credited for planning the right exercise routine that suits Zareen’s body type. Below are a few types of exercises that Zareen Khan follows regularly.

  • Swimming
  • Jogging
  • Pilates
  • Cardio Workouts
  • Weight Training
  • Spinning
  • Yoga

She starts her day with Pilates for about 1 hour. She later goes for a swim or a jog (either one of these) once in a day. Zarine’s instructor has planned the weight training sessions 3x in a week on alternative days as this will give enough time for the body to recover and develop muscle mass.

Occasionally, when bored or while traveling, she does Yoga for an hour. Zareen has credited her toned physique to Yoga as it completely changed her silhouette.

Lastly, it was her dedication that enabled Zarine Khan to lose so much of weight in a healthy manner. Interestingly, she didn’t stop her weight loss journey at 57 Kgs. For her next movie with Rakesh Khandelwal, she lost another 10 Kgs to suit her role and performed some stunts in the movie ‘Death of Amar’.

Isn’t her journey from 100 Kgs to 57 Kgs inspiring? What’s your opinion? Do share with us in the comments below.

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