Why a Lot of Women Put on Weight After Getting Married

The weight gain phenomenon is seen mostly in the Indian women after they get married. There are a lot of reasons why women put on weight post their marriage. Bunking on the healthy diets, eat out more frequently with their loved ones are a few common reasons.

It may not seem a big issue initially, but once you cross the boundaries and marked as an obese person, it becomes a big problem. You may not be able to wear your favorite dresses anymore. You can’t move freely in the public or in any family functions. Most importantly, your overweight will lead to a number health issues like heart attacks, strokes, back pain (due to overload of weight on your back), leg pains and much more.

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Most Common Reasons Why Women Gain Weight After Marriage

Lose Post Marriage Weight Gain
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#1.Your Diet Changes Completely with your new Partner

Most of the women follow a strict diet schedule before their marriage in order to keep up in a good shape. However, things change suddenly when they get married and new people enter into her life. In India, a woman would be pampered to eat more (out of love) by her husband and his uncle, aunt. Most of these foods are deep-fried in oil, which makes them calorie dense. When you follow such unhealthy diet, you normally tend to gain weight rapidly.

#2.No Time for Self Maintenance

Once Women get married and join her new family members, all she thinks of is satisfying her husband and other family members by preparing different dishes. In this situation, she won’t be able to focus on herself and the diet goes for a toss.

#3.Priorities Do Change Post Marriage

Before marriage, a woman usually won’t have any priorities or duties to take care of and she’ll be looked after by her parents. But, after the women get married, her priorities do change. She won’t be able to find time to make up for herself. This gets worse with her newborns.

#4.Laziness Makes you Fat

This is mostly seen in Women in the upper-middle class or rich category. Since, they already have maids to look after their in-house duties, these women become so lazy and never do any activities that burn calories. So, when the intake of calories exceeds the calorie burn, people obviously become fat. Therefore, it is recommended to become more active in order to stay fit and healthy.

#5.Post Pregnancy Overweight Issues

When the women become pregnant, she is treated like a princess by all the family members. They just feed her different dishes out of love and also saying that those foods are healthy for the baby. So, by the time she delivers a baby, she would be putting on a lot of weight. And with the addition of a new family member, she might not find enough time to take care of herself. So, the weight continues to hang on to her.

Note: Pregnant Women shouldn’t follow GM diet or any low carb diets for that matter until they finished the breastfeeding period. This is to avoid any nutrient deficiency, which is unhealthy for the baby.

#6.Frequent Eat outs with Loved Ones

Generally, most of the newly wedded couple plan their dinners outside to spend their time lonely. As you know, all the outside restaurant foods are high in carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. So, eating such high amount of carbs more frequently, that too, before going to bed will eventually turn them into an obese person.

#7.Pampered by the Loved Ones

Of course not every woman would be so lucky to have such a wonderful soulmate. But, those lucky women who are mostly pampered by their husbands tend to gain weight. If you’re one of such kind, don’t disappoint your husband by saying NO. Instead, ask him to join with you for the workout session. Go for a jog or do Yoga together. This could also increase your love for one another.

Lastly, do remember that it is you who need to get motivated to lose weight. You may gain weight easily by getting pampered by your husband, but losing weight requires a lot of dedication. If you’re not pregnant yet or finished breastfeeding your child, then you can follow the GM diet plan to lose weight naturally.

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