How Does Fat Leave Your Body When You Lose Weight?

Well, losing weight is nothing but science. Try to burn more calories than you consume and you’ll easily shed weight.

However, the path you choose to burn those calories might be different from one individual to another. Some choose a diet or food control and others select workouts as their method to lose those unwanted pounds. But, experts recommend clubbing these two methods – diet + exercise to reduce weight effectively and much faster.

If you’re trying to lose weight or already lost some pounds, then I’m sure a question arises in your mind at one or the other point of time during your weight loss journey. Where does the excess fat go when I lose weight? Unfortunately, not many people have a clue about: Where it goes? What it becomes? How the fat gets out of your body? Etc… When I asked my friends this question, they immediately answered that ‘fat becomes energy’. Is it really true? Well, the answer is NO. In this article, you’ll find out why this is untrue.

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Where Does My Fat Go After I Lose Weight?
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Where Does Excess Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

In chemical language, the formula for a fat molecule is C55H104O6. All these fat molecules have 6 oxygen (O2) atoms. When you’re trying to lose weight, you’re trying to lose Kilograms. Since, energy is referred in Kilojoules or Calories, you can’t transform Kilograms into calories. So, it is clearly untrue that fat becomes energy.

According to the science, people lose mass and atoms when you lose weight. And this mass goes out of your body in the form of Carbon dioxide and Water.

C55H104O6 (Fat) + 78O2 (Oxygen) -> 55CO2 (Carbon dioxide) + 52H2O (Water) + Energy (in Kilojoules/Calories)

So, by this formula, around 84% of CO2 and 16% of Fat would be expelled out when you lose 10 Kg of your weight or fat. In our general language, out of the 10KG fat, almost 8.4 KG is invisible gas and the remaining 1.6 KG is water. Saying so, if you exercise more, your exhalation & inhalation rate (breathing) goes high and helps you lose more weight. The water can come out any form – Urine, sweat or poop.

Can I Breathe More to Lose Weight?

NO! You can’t simply do that to lose weight. To get the fat out of your body, try to stick to a high protein diet and do some light weight exercises. And when you do so, your body will substitute those missing calories by breaking the fat molecules stored in your body, thus helping you shed weight naturally.

That’s it, Friends! I hope you understood the logic behind losing weight and also where your fat goes after you’ve lost weight. Stay fit, stay healthy 🙂

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