Is Sugar Free Natura Safe, Healthy or Good for Weight Loss?

It is a widely known fact that one should quit sugar in order to lose weight naturally. But, since a lot of people have sweet tooth, they can’t avoid it completely and instead try to use artificial sweeteners like Sugar free natura tablets as a replacement to white sugar thinking that they’re good.

But, is sugar free natura good for health? Let us find out.

Is Sugar Free Natura Safe to Consume?

Sugar Free tablets are usually made from sucralose, which is a derivative of sugar. The same formulae is used by the company ‘Cadilla Healthcare’ in their Sugar Free Natura tablets.

If you don’t know already, sucralose is as bad as sugar. Here are a few side effects of sucralose found after thorough research by the experts.

  • Increases the pH levels in the intestines.
  • Decreases good bacteria aka probiotics by 50%, thereby causing severe constipation issues.
  • Enlarged colon, liver, brain and calcified kidneys.
  • Causes anemia (decrease in red blood cells).
  • Decreased urination and thyroxine levels.
  • You’ll lose important minerals like magnesium and phosphorus.

Not just these, Sucralose is also associated with gastrointestinal problems, migraines, weight gain, respiratory problems, heart palpitations, seizures and many more…

If you’ll still thinking that these artificial sweeteners are good for weight loss? Then search for the term Splenda on Google.

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What are the Healthy Alternatives to Sugar?

Since you’re not able to quit the sugar consumption, you can curb your sweet tooth by having stevia, organic jaggery or organic honey or unprocessed maple syrup. To say it simply, try to eat only the unprocessed form of sugar to be on the safer side.

Is Stevia Safe?

Stevia Sugar Free Tablets

There are many people who take the side of Stevia and even call it as a natural sweetener and the best alternative to sugar. But, is it really safe to consume stevia?

Although, we’ve been hearing about stevia very recently, the stevia plant’s history dates back to the ages and is being widely used in South America. Most Stevia sweeteners include a highly purified stevia extract called ‘Rebaudioside A or Rebiana or Reb A. The Reb A is 200 times sweeter than sugar and the good thing about it is it does not raise blood sugar levels.

The FDA has approved Stevia sweeteners containing Reb A as a safer sugar substitute, but not other forms of stevia. So, if you’re planning to get one, then read the labels and check whether it contains Reb A or not.

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However, as a safe note, please don’t exceed the consumption of Stevia or any other natural sugar substitutes. Just take it in limits and prevent weight gain.

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