GM Diet & Alcohol: Can I Drink Alcohol during General Motors Diet?

GM Diet is a special diet developed by the General Motors Company in the year 1985 to improve the health and at the same time increase the productivity of their employees. The General Motors diet was actually developed when a field research is carried out by the Johns Hopkins University.

Although the results or effects of this 7 day diet can be pretty rapid, keeping the weight off is a big challenge for the followers. This is mainly for the people who’re habituated to consume alcohol regularly. As GM Diet doesn’t allow you to take alcohol while on the diet and a limited intake of alcohol thereafter, many people who skip this step put on a lot of weight following the completion of the diet program.

The main disadvantage of consuming alcohol is that it adds empty calories to your body without providing any nutritional benefits. Not only that, drinking alcohol causes water retention, thereby causing bloating and increased weight gain. There is a misconception among several exercise enthusiasts that drinking beer or alcohol after exercising strenuously recompensates the loss of water in their body, which is absolutely a myth and therefore such people put up a lot of weight instead of losing it.

Consuming Alcohol on GM Diet is Prohibited

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To better understand this concept, let us look at the calories your body gets when you consume alcohol.

  • Beer – With an intake of one 12 Oz beer, you’re adding up to 150 calories to your body. At the same time a 12 Oz lite beer will give you 110 calories.
  • Hard Liquor – When you drink hard liquor such as Vodka, Rum, Whiskey or Gin, you’ll be receiving close to 100 calories with 1.5 oz quantity.
  • Wine – Of all the liquor family, Wine gives you a lot of calories. You’ll get 90 calories with 5 Oz of Wine which means with 10 Oz of Wine, you’ll be adding close 180 calories which is very high.

So, that concludes the topic – “Can we consume alcohol during GM Diet?“.

In order to achieve positive results, you’ll need to be prepared well before attempting the General motors diet or any other diet program. In order to maintain adequate hydration during the GM diet, you’ll need to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. People who skip the water intake may feel muscle pains, sweating and cramps.

Think only of your weight loss target and the results you’re going to enjoy to your heart’s content so that you’ll get some motivation to follow this diet without fail.

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