GM Diet vs Atkins Diet: Which is the Most Effective Diet Plan?

The Obesity has become the biggest problem of our present generation and there are different types of diet plans available for each individual’s body type such as the GM diet, Atkins Diet, Military Diet, South Beach Diet etc…Each diet variety has its own ardent followers and critics as well.

With increase in the obesity rate in the world, people have started searching for the quick weight loss diets on Google.

In the recent years, the Atkins diet has been gaining some popularity, thanks to its ‘tasty food’ tag. Dr.Atkins has actually popularized this particular diet regime by categorizing different food groups such as Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates.

Atkins Diet vs GM Diet: Pros and Cons

What is the Atkins Diet?

As I said in the earlier paragraph, it is the tasty way of dieting to lose weight. As you know, the main source of energy for our body is the carbohydrates. They allow our body to function properly. While the proteins and fats are stored in our cells and are utilized when there is any shortage of carbs in our body. So, according to Dr.Atkins, our body will have no choice except to utilize the stored protein and fats for energy when we limit the intake of carbohydrates. This will help us lose weight faster than normal.

There are a total of four phases in the Atkins diet:

  1. Induction: This is the first phase of the diet where you should limit your total carbs per day to just 20 grams. You should probably be eating low calorie vegetables and low carb meat to achieve this.
  2. On-going Weight Loss: In this phase, the carb intake is slightly increased to 25 grams per day.
  3. Pre-maintenance: A little increase in the carbohydrates.
  4. Maintenance: Carbs consumption continue to increase gradually. However, it doesn’t mean you can eat all the unhealthy fast foods. It is suggested to get the carbs from the healthies and fiber rich foods.

Once the person enters the maintenance phase successfully, his lost weight will be maintained as he gets accustomed to the healthy lifestyle by avoiding empty calories from soft drinks and sugar.

What is the GM Diet?

The General Motors diet aka the GM diet plan is a 7 day program where the person is allowed to eat specific foods for a week and lose weight naturally. In this diet, you don’t have to stay hungry as you’re allowed to eat unlimited quantity of the suggested food groups, with an exception to alcohol and soft drinks. You also need to consume at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day.

GM Diet vs Atkins Diet: The Major Differences

While the Atkins diet is a four phased diet that should be practiced or followed for a longer period of time, the GM diet is a simple 7 day weight loss program that helps the person to lose around 10 to 15 pounds or 5 to 7 kgs in just 1 week, that too without any exercise. However, it is advised to exercise from the day 4 onwards to see better results. While both the diets offer rapid weight loss results, your weight will come back once you shifted to your regular eating pattern. Thus, it is highly advised to follow a healthy lifestyle even after finishing these diet plans.

One main disadvantage of the Atkins diet when compared to the GM diet is that it is heavily dependent on fats and proteins, which cause heart related problems in the long run. When you eat too much of protein from animal fats, you may suffer from some types of cancers and heart diseases. If you’re suffering with liver or kidney related issues, then it is advised not to follow the Atkins diet as you’ll eventually enter the ketosis when you eat less than 20 gms of carbs per day for a set period of time.

So, which is the best diet among the atkins diet and gm diet? The answer is – you should choose the diet that suits your body type and lifestyle. Both the diets give you results, but GM diet followers lose weight a little faster, that too without starving.