GM Diet Day 5 | Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Version

If you’ve successfully completed the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4, then you’ll find the Day 5 pretty interesting as it satisfies your taste buds.

On the fifth day of GM Diet, you’re only allowed to eat beef with tomatoes if non-vegetarian and brown rice with tomatoes if vegetarian.

The first four days will lack protein and you may feel some muscle weakness during that period. But, as beef contains lots of proteins and iron + tomatoes contain fibers and lycopene, consuming these two will help you gain all the proteins and fiber required for your body.

Those who’re not habituated with eating beef can substitute it with either Chicken (500gms skinless) or eggs (6). Read the Indian version of GM diet for more details.

How to Prepare Yourself for GM Diet Day 5?

Due to lack of appetite, you’re advised to eat small servings of beef multiple times during the day. It is because the large servings will make the appetite worse. So, it is a wise idea to combine beef with tomatoes and satisfy your taste buds.

GM Diet Day 5 for Non-Vegetarians

Breakfast: Start your day with braised beef or chicken breast and tomato soup. While the meat gives your proteins, iron and fiber, soup on the other end provides energy.

Lunch: You can have a homemade hamburger made with beef/chicken. It may be either baked or fried but remember not to add too much fat as it already contains fat. At this stage, your body will produce excess uric acid and so it is advised to have lots of water (3-4 glasses) so that the urine will be flushed out naturally.

Dinner: You can have another hamburger during the dinner. However, health experts suggest that you should have beef/chicken soup and tomatoes in order to energize your body. Another advantage of having a soup is that it supplements the loss of water during the day.

Snacks: On this day, you shouldn’t eat any snacks or have fruit juices. The only beverage you’ll be having on Day 5 GM diet is water. Drink at least 14 glasses of water today so that it will detoxify your system as well as get rid of those unwanted nutrients that were contributed by meat.

Can We Replace Beef with Chicken in GM Diet?

Of course, Yes! Not many people will like the red meat although they’re non-vegetarians. So, those people can eat either Chicken or ground turkey instead of beef. But ensure that it should be skinless as skin contains a lot of fat.

If you’re a vegetarian, then you can replace the beef with Paneer (Indian cheese).

Non-Veg Recipes for GM Diet Day 5

GM Diet Day 5 Non-Veg Recipes
You can try the below recipes on the day 5. These are very easy to prepare and they don’t take too long.

1] Grilled Beef Slices (replace by Chicken if you want)


  • Beef Tenderloin Strips: 1 cup
  • Lemon Zest: 1
  • Salt and Pepper: As needed
  • Coriander


Take the meat and season it completely with lemon zest, salt, pepper and coriander. Put it aside to rest for 10 minutes. Now, place these seasons strips on a hot grill and cook it until golden brown. That’s it! Take the slices out and serve them with sliced tomatoes.

2] Beef Burger (Chicken)


  • Beef patty: 1 1/8 pound
  • Salt and Pepper


Take out the beef patty and apply salt and pepper on its surface. Then, place it on a hot grill and occasionally baste it with butter until it becomes tender and reddish brown in color. Once done, serve it with either tomatoes or cucumbers. You can also drink the vegetable soup when you feel hungry.

GM Diet Day 5 for Vegetarians

Make a pulao with Brown rice, sprouts and 6 tomatoes. This can be had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the morning and afternoon snacks time, you can have the Power soup made with tomatoes. If you don’t like or have brown rice, then you can replace it with normal white rice, but include Cottage cheese (Indian paneer) while making the pulao.

Hope you got all the necessary information you wanted in order to complete the Day 5 of GM Diet. Now, move on to GM Diet Day 6 where you’ll be mixing up beef + vegetables.

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