Arjun Kapoor’s Weight Loss Diet & Workout Regime

Arjun Kapoor is a Bollywood actor who debuted with the movie ‘Ishaqzaade‘ and later went on to become a successful star with few good hits to his credit. He is the son of Boney Kapoor, one of the popular Bollywood producers. Arjun Kapoor may have a ripped physique today, but he has suffered with overweight problem a few years back.

He shed nearly 50 kilos before he entered into the Bollywood. His weight loss transformation took nearly 4 years as he managed to lose weight without spoiling his health i.e., the natural way.

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How Did Arjun Kapoor’s Weight Loss Journey Began?

Arjun says that he was inspired by Salman Khan, who actually suggested him to shed weight if he wanted to become an actor in the future. Upon the suggestion of Salman Khan, Arjun decided not to follow any quick weight loss diets to reach his goal. It is because all the lose weight will return back once we started eating normally. So, it is the lifestyle that should be changed, in order to lose weight in a healthy manner.

At first it was very tough for Arjun to avoid fast foods, as he is fond of burgers and other junk food. In fact, Arjun says that he can eat three McDonalds Burgers at one go. But, he gave up junk food and shifted to a healthy eating pattern. The regular white rice was replaced with Quinoa, which is full of proteins and also included Chicken in his diet.

Since Arjun is overweight, he lost the initial pounds very easily as our body responds very quickly to any kind of physical activity if we’re too obese. Initially, our body loses all the water weight. In case of Arjun Kapoor, he lost nearly 10 to 11 Kgs in the first month itself.

However, he has put on most of the lost weight when he returned to normal eating. It happened with him several times – Losing and again gaining weight.

In order to overcome the weight regain problem, he incorporated workouts along with the diet. He also stresses that if you ever overeat, then you need to work it off in the gym to maintain your results. He joined the workout sessions with Salman Khan and also used to cycle from his house to the film city daily. He says that ‘when you live with a person (Salman) who is so aware and fond of his body, you’d naturally get inspired to copy him’.

Arjun Kapoor’s Weight Loss Diet

This is a sample diet routine of Arjun Kapoor while he was trying to lose weight (now he is following a high protein diet to maintain the ripped body).

  • Breakfast: Toast with 4-6 egg whites and 1 egg yolk
  • After Workout: Protein shake
  • Lunch: Bajra Roti, Sabzi, Dal and Chicken
  • Dinner: Fish or Chicken
  • Snacks: Lots of Black Coffee

Along with these foods, he makes sure he is drinking enough water to stay hydrated as well as to flush out the toxins/impurities from his body. When your stomach is full with either protein food or water, you’ll not be searching for alternative food options (junk), thereby letting yourself to lose weight much faster.

Arjun Kapoor’s Workout Routine to Lose Weight

Apart from modifying his diet, Arjun also did a lot of Cardio workouts to lose weight initially. Additionally, he performed endurance training to speed up the weight loss journey. However, the last 5 Kgs were not easy to get rid of and hence he followed CrossFit (HIIT for 20 minutes) that helped him lose the last few stubborn pounds.

Arjun Kapoor’s Before & After Photos

Arjun Kapoor's Weight Loss Photos Before & After

Are you overweight? Want to lose weight naturally like how Arjun Kapoor lost 50 Kgs? Then, you can follow his diet and workout regimen in order to lose weight in a healthy manner. But, never ignore the fact that losing weight won’t happen overweight. So, don’t follow any crash diets as they will do nothing but harm to your body.

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