Corn Flakes for Weight Loss: Do They Help in Losing Weight?

Thanks to the advertisements on the TV channels and other media, Corn Flakes has become the best choice for those who’re looking to shed pounds. But, do you really think you can lose weight with corn flakes? Unfortunately, this is not possible, and cornflakes don’t aid in weight loss. Instead, they’re responsible to increase your weight.

After watching the advertisements about how healthy these corn flakes are, a lot of people started replacing their regular breakfast with a bowl of cornflakes in milk. But, contrary to the belief, cornflakes are not ideal for weight loss. Let us look at the details for a better understanding.

Are Corn Flakes Healthy? Do They Aid in Weight Loss?

Are Corn Flakes Good for Losing Weight?

‘Will Kellogg’ and his brother ‘John Kellogg’ has started developing Corn flakes with stale wheat in the year 1983. They first used the stale wheat to make dough, which was sent through a roller to get broken flakes. These flakes were toasted and served to the patients at a sanatorium. Luckily, the patients who ate these flakes liked them very much, and so the brothers improvised the recipe to make it perfect. That is how the corn flakes were born. Now a days, you’ll find a lot of brands on the market that claim their corn flakes are healthy and help you in losing weight naturally.

Unfortunately, eating corn flakes is not a healthy option. Eating cereal for breakfast is the best thing you can do to reduce your weight, but that cereal should contain the right amount of nutrients, less sugar and fat. However, these branded corn flakes contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients like malt, sugar, high fructose corn syrup etc… Out of these, the worst ingredient is the corn syrup, which contains high Glycemic index carbs.

This particular ingredient along with the sugar is not at all good for those who’re looking to shed weight. A lot of studies have found that intake of cornflakes regularly with milk and sugar/honey led to weight gain.

Do Corn Flakes Contain Proteins?

Well, this is also an advertising gimmick. Contrary to the index on the box, the iron content is less than what is mentioned on the corn flakes box. Since it is low in proteins, people would feel hungry within a few hours after eating the cereal.

The UK health magazine has conducted a study on a group of kids with low glycemic index (GI), who were served muesli, porridge, bran and soya for breakfast, and high GI kids were served corn flakes, white bread and chocolate flavored cereal. Surprisingly, the high GI group kids felt hungry much faster than the low GI kids and they also ate more during the lunch.

This proved that the corn flakes are not rich in proteins and an unhealthy breakfast for kids as well as for those who’re trying to lose weight.


So, if you’re trying to lose weight, then first avoid eating those corn flakes and only concentrate on foods that are low in Glycemic index such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat and beans. Also, do remember that packed foods are always unhealthy. Try to eat foods that are naturally available near you.

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