Acupressure Points for Weight Loss (with Images)

Have you ever tried Acupressure points for weight loss?

Well, I’m sure not many of you have even heard that it is possible to burn fat by using Acupressure or Acupuncture techniques.

Don’t worry! In this article, I’ll be explaining everything in detail about the concept with a little science.

What is Acupressure Therapy?

The concept of Acupressure involves the flow of life energy through ‘meridians’ in our body.

Acupressure Points for Fast Weight Loss

When it comes to the Acupressure treatment, physical pressure is applied on the pressure points (selective areas of our body) with the aim of getting relieved from the pain (problem).

You may use hand, elbow or various devices with soft edges for applying pressure.

Several researches have proved that you can relieve yourself from nausea, vomiting, lower back pain, headaches, stomach aches and many more health problems.

The list doesn’t end there, as you’ll also be able to lose weight through Acupressure techniques. That’s right!

The biggest problem in today’s world is ‘overweight’, because of which a lot of people get depressed and some even gets humiliated by the people around them.

Gaining weight is easy, but getting rid of the accumulated fat takes time.

A single Chicken sandwich gives you around 300 calories, but you’ll need to walk for an hour at 3.5 mph speed to burn the same 300 calories.

So, I hope you got the point. It is definitely a pain in the ass to lose weight.

However, there are many quick ways through which you can shed pounds without torturing your body and few worthy ways are-

  1. by following the 7 day GM diet plan.
  2. by replacing your lifestyle with Intermittent fasting routine.
  3. by performing this simple 7 minute HIIT workout daily.
  4. last but not the least, using Acupressure techniques to lose weight.

You can lose weight easily by applying little pressure on the selected energy points on your body.

It will improve your digestive system which will in turn help you control your appetite (hunger).

The Acupressure weight loss techniques should be followed/practiced on a daily basis for at least 30 minutes to achieve better results.

P.S: It is advised to lightly massage the area (suggested meridian) both before and after applying the pressure. Body massages help in improving the functionality of your digestive system as well decreasing your appetite or food cravings, thus making you lose weight for good.

Most Effective Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

By following the below Acupressure techniques, the life energy will flow through all the organs, mainly the spleen meridians and the stomach.

Also, ensure that you need to apply the pressure on these points.

1. Ear Weight Loss Point

ear acupuncture points to lose weight

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This particular point in your ear helps in controlling your appetite.

Simply, place your thumb against the jaw of your ear and move it up and down.

While doing so, you’ll be able to locate the point where there is maximum movement.

Once you’ve found it, stop your finger there and press the point for at least a minute.

2. Abdomen Pressure Point

You can find this particular point in your abdomen region exactly 3cm down from the belly button.

In the below figure, you can clearly see the ‘Ren 6‘ mark, which is called as the Abdomen point.

This special point improves the function of your digestive system as well as to reduce constipation, which is why it is one of the best acupuncture points to lose weight.

abdominal acupressure points for weight loss

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All you need to do is to place your two fingers on the point (Ren 6) and massage the area with up-down motion for at least a minute and then press the point for another 2 minutes.

Doing this routine twice a day will give you better weight loss results.

3. Abdominal Sorrow Acupuncture Point

This point, which is located under the last rib helps in relieving from ulcers, indigestion and rib pain.

It also balances your appetite so that you don’t get food cravings more often.

acupressure points to relieve indigestion

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You’ll need to press this abdominal sorrow point for at least 5 minutes everyday in order to achieve the best results.

4. Elbow Pressure Point

On the inner side of your elbow crease, you’ll find the large intestine point which is located towards the end.

This acupressure point helps in stimulating the function of your intestine.

It simply removes excess body heat and unwanted moisture that is present in your body.

elbow acupuncture point to remove body heat

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Use your thumb and press this elbow point, at least for a minute every day to achieve better weight loss results.

5. Knee Acupressure Point

This acupressure point improves your digestion and helps in smooth functioning of your stomach.

You can find the knee point on the outer side of your leg (left or right) just 2 inches below the knee cap.

acupressure point to improve digestion

Using your forefinger, apply the pressure on this point for at least 1 minute.

After the minute was completed, with your finger on the pressure point, move your foot up and down and you’ll feel the movement of your muscle.

That is the perfect spot! By staying in that position, press the point for another 2 minutes.

6. Ankle Pressure Point

This acupressure point is basically meant for the spleen, but it also helps in strengthening your digestive system.

You can find this ankle point just 2 inches above your ankle, on the inner of your leg (left and right).

ankle acupressure point for lose fat

By pressing this point regularly, you can improve the function of your digestive system.

Press this point for at least a minute everyday to lose weight effectively.


That’s all Friends! By following these acupressure techniques regularly, you’ll be able to improve or balance your digestive system and at the same time control your appetite.

So simple, isn’t it! What are you waiting for? Practice these best acupressure points for weight loss without any side effects.

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