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Hi, My name is Sahantha and I am from India. I am the author of this blog that you’re reading.

Sahantha Reddy

I used to be a chubby girl until a few years ago.

After constantly being on one diet or another for over 2 years, I finally understood how weight loss works.

My first attempt of the GM Diet Plan was very successful and I’ve lost about 6 kgs in my first week itself.

I then made some mistakes of eating normal and got all my lost weight back in no time.

That is when I decided to give it a try once again, but this time it is a more serious attempt.

I did it without cheating and tried it multiple times with a gap of 1 week before repeating it again.

This way, I have lost around 15 kgs in total.

But, keeping the lost weight is hard, especially if you follow just the diet.

And, that is when I found these simple HIIT exercises and Yogasanas that helped me keep the weight from coming back.

Till date, I have been maintaining the same weight successfully.

After my successful weight loss journey, a lot of people (friends and close family members) have approached me asking for tips and tricks that helped me lose weight naturally.

At first, it was fun telling them about my successful attempts of weight loss.

But, later on, it became a big headache for explaining each and every minute details about the natural diet.

So, I thought of writing about all my experiences on this blog about dieting and simple workouts that helped me in achieving my weight loss target.

This way, I can simply guide my friends to visit the site and learn from my mistakes and hacks without getting in touch with me individually.

Not only them, I’m sure there are a lot of others who’re struggling to lose weight and looking for working ways to get rid of excess body fat naturally.

So, if you’re one of them, I’m sure you’ll find this blog helpful.

Please go through the detailed GM Diet Chart and the FAQs section for better understanding of the General Motors diet program.

If you still have some doubts regarding the diet, please feel free to comment either on the blog comment section or on our Facebook or Twitter page.

In case if you want personal attention, please mail me – Sahanthaa[@]gmail.com