FAQs: GM Diet Tips and Tricks

Well, like any other diet program, the followers of the GM diet too have got many questions in their mind. Few people were asking their doubts through our comments section, but many were sending us their queries through mails. Since, a lot of the questions were common for many; we've decided to write a separate FAQs post that answers all such common doubts raised by the GM diet followers. Let us now get into the details.

GM Diet FAQs: Most Common Questions about General Motors Diet

Q1] Can I have Tea or Coffee while on the GM diet?

Ans] It is not recommended to drink Tea or Coffee during the diet as it can add extra calories to your diet. However Green tea is allowed. Here are a few green tea recipes for weight loss.

Q2] Is alcohol allowed during the diet?

Ans] Consuming alcoholic beverages will give you nothing but empty calories. Hence, it is not allowed.

Q3] How many Bananas can I eat on day 4?

Ans] You can eat a maximum of up to 6 tiny bananas or 4 regular sized bananas but not more than that. Unlike the first 3 days of the diet where you eat limitless, from day 4 onwards you should only eat limited (suggested) quantities.

Q4] Can we eat rotis like chapati, pulka, bread, cereal etc..?

Ans] No! Since this is a gluten free diet, it is not recommended to eat wheat during the 7 day period. It may increase your weight instead of reducing it.

Q5] Can I drink honey-lemon water daily in the morning?

Ans] Yes! You can have it, but limit the intake of honey in the lemon water or else it becomes pure sugar water which in turn increases your calorie intake. Try to add more lemon and less honey (just a few drops to taste) for better results.

Q6] Can we add Salt, pepper and other spices to our foods?

Ans] Yes! Enjoy eating your food by adding spices and salt. However, don't go overboard with the salt. Use either sea salt or unprocessed salt in smaller amounts.

Q7] Can we munch on dry fruits or nuts?

Ans] BIG NO! Since these dried fruits and nuts are highly concentrated sources of food, they give you more energy (calories) than you needed during the diet. So, it is better you stay away from them at least while on the GM diet. Afterwards, you can have them in smaller quantities.

Q8] Can I have yogurt or buttermilk instead of milk on day 4?

Ans] Yes! You can replace milk with buttermilk or yogurt as long as you're not adding sugar.

Q9] On what days can we have the wonder soup or cabbage soup?

Ans] You can have the wonder soup on all days of the diet. The main concept of the General motors diet is to lose weight without going hungry or starving. A lot of followers tend to have awesome results when they've incorporated the cabbage soup in their diet. So, whenever you feel hungry, count on the wonder soup.

Q10] Since I am a vegetarian, can you recommend an alternative to meat?

Ans] Of-course! There is a modified version of the GM diet for vegetarian followers. You can follow it and have the same results like the Non-vegetarians.

Q11] Will I gain weight back once I finish the GM diet?

Ans] Yes! If you're planning to return back to your old unhealthy lifestyles after you finish the 7 day diet program, then you'll obviously attain all the weight/pounds you've lost during the diet.

No! If you took your health seriously and thus changed your lifestyle accordingly. Try to eat balanced meals i.e., instead of 3 big meals a day, you can have 5 or 6 small meals and each meal should comprise protein, good carbs and vegetables. Never opt for wheat or bread and always choose unprocessed foods. Also, try to incorporate this 7 minute high intensity workout in your daily schedule to maintain your weight.

Q12] Can I follow the GM diet continuously? or How many days gap should I take before starting GM diet again?

Ans] No! You should not follow the GM diet continuously. It is actually meant to be a quick way to lose weight. But, doing it more often may weaken you a bit. So, it is advised to give a gap of at least 4-7 days before starting another set. For better results, try to rest for a week before starting it again. Meanwhile, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle or else you'll end up gaining all the pounds (see Q11] you've lost through the diet.

Q13] Can we use oil to cook the vegetables and meat?

Ans] Yes! But only Olive oil is suggested for cooking the foods while on the General motors diet program.

Q14] Can people with diabetics follow the GM diet?

Ans] No! People who're suffering with hypertension, diabetes and heart problems are advised not to follow the General motors diet program. These people require a well-balanced diet in order to recover from their illness and since the GM diet doesn't fulfil the nutritious requirements of such people, it is recommended not to follow it.

Q15] Does GM diet reduce my belly?

Ans] Well, you can lose at least 4 to 6 kgs per week by following the diet. But, what you must understand here is that the weight loss you achieve through the diet is overall, and your belly is also one area from where you'll shed some fat. So, if you're doing the diet to lose the overall weight, then you may go for it, but if you're planning to lose fat from your belly or specific area in your body, then you should opt for specific workouts instead of the diet.

These are just a few common doubts raised by the followers of the General motors diet and we've tried to cover most of them. In case if you've any more queries, please don't hesitate to drop your comments below.


  1. Although I find the wonder soup to be tasty enough, the cabbage gives me terrible stomach cramps. I don't just mean a little gas, but stabbing pains in my abdomen as well as terrible discomfort. I have this same reaction with bok choy. Are there alternatives you can recommend for the soup?

    1. In that case, you can limit the cabbage and add more tomatoes to make it a power soup - here is the recipe.


  2. can i follow this diet for the second time will it b successful in reducing more weight or it il remain same

    1. you can follow the gm diet as many times as you want until you reach your target weight. But, keep in mind that you should give a gap of at least 4 to 5 days before starting the diet again. Once you've reached your ideal weight, you can then follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight..hope you get it,,

  3. Hi my weight is 95 kgs n height 5'5, Today is day3 of my diet but like u mentioned people following this would loose 1-2 kgs by day 3 but I dnt find such change instead got a bit weak, pl advise

    1. are u following the diet correctly or making any changes?

  4. I am on day 4 and I have not lost even 1 kg. I am really disappointed. I have followed the diet chart except one thing that I had 1 potato on day3 by mistake but everything else I followed. Kindly help.

    1. can u list out the menu you've followed?

  5. Is there a replacement for Banana, as I am allergic to it?

  6. pls sugest me im on day 4 but i dnt like milk pls help me what i will do

  7. Hi can i have bhagar or vrat ka rice instead of brown rice.

    1. In that case, yes! but make sure that you don't add oil while cooking the recipes..

  8. Hie,
    I am 25 years old, weight 60 kgs , Height 5'1 inch and fats lies in my belly area.
    I am planning to start with the Diet , I have few doubts , it would be of great help if u can sort them out
    So here it is,
    1) Can Salt be consumed in all 7 days plan?
    2) Can i have 3 glasses of Green Tea in each day of the diet?
    3) can In have lemon water with honey, empty stomach all 7 days?
    4) I have acidic issues, so in how much time gap should i consume food?