Diet Plans & Celebrity Weight Loss Transformation Stories

A lot of people suggest that weight loss can be achieved with 80% Diet and 20% Exercise. This is obsolutely correct, but you should also note that skipping the exercise part and depending solely on diet doesn't do any good to your body.

This is because the 20% of the exercise helps in increasing your muscle mass as well as boost your metabolism, both are very important for losing weight successfully.

Below are some of the best calorie burning exercises for weight loss.

Exercises to Lose Weight

Popular Weight Loss Diet Plans

If you're willing to try other diet plans, then you should definitely check out the below articles.

Healthy Low Calorie Recipes for Weight Loss

Celebrity Weight Loss Transformation

Want some inspiration? Then find out how these celebrities have lost oodles of weight without affecting their health. Get inspired from popular celebrities who've gone from fab to fit and stunned everyone with their amazing weight loss transformation.

Popular Methods to Lose Weight

Don't have patience to follow a diet or workout regime? Then find the other medical ways of reducing your weight.


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