8 Fat Burning Yoga Poses to Lose Weight at Home (Videos)

We're living in a World where the 'obesity' problem has become the most common and almost 3 out of 5 people are facing overweight problems. Being in shape is not only good for you, but also for the people that depend on you (family). It is because, the people with excess weight are the ones who are more exposed to various diseases, which mean their body will not have enough resistance and so may attract diseases easily. This in turn affects your family. Hence, it is always advised to stay in shape, for you and for your loved ones.

I've shared different ways to lose weight such as GM diet, Intermittent Fasting, 1200 calorie diet, 1500 calorie diet, Banana and Milk diet, Acupressure weight loss points and many more in this blog. Apart from the diet programs, I've also talked about the exercise programs like the 7 minute HIIT workout and under arm exercises. However, today, in this article, I am going to share my most favorite way of losing weight (also to maintain lost weight): YOGA.

Yoga is an ancient Indian art form where the rushis have embedded the scientific moves in the traditional Yoga poses aka Yogasanas. Stories apart, let us now look at the different Yoga moves that help you lose weight in the comfort of your home.

Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss at Home

Before going into the details, I wanted you to know that Yoga is the best way to maintain the lost weight for the long term.

#1.Yoga Warrior Pose for Eliminating Fat

Warrior Yoga Pose for Toning Muscles
Image: blog.run.com

This particular yoga pose will help in tightening the muscles, toning your legs and strengthening your overall body. Here is how you can practice this warrior pose.

  1. Stand with one of your legs stretched backwards and the other leg stretched forward.
  2. Stretch your hands above your head in a 'Namaste' posture and turn your upper body to your right side.
  3. You should bend your right knee slightly while stretching your abdominal muscles.
  4. Once done, switch the sides and repeat the entire routine. This warrior pose can be done as long as you're comfortable.

Target Area: Tummy and Legs

#2.Yoga Warrior Pose 2 (Virabhadrasana)

Virabhadrasana Yoga Pose
Image: wikipedia.org

This second warrior pose is almost similar to that of the first one, except a few changes. In this pose, you won't be making a Namaste sign. You'll have to stretch your hands to both the sides, while bending your legs like the first warrior pose.

Target Area: This yoga move, like the first one will help you lose the excess fat stored in your tummy and leg region.

#3.Chair Yoga Pose for Weight Loss

Chair Pose exercise for Thighs
This particular chair pose yogasana requires a lot of stamina, as it is practiced in the air, assuming there is a chair beneath you.

  1. Stand with your feet closed to each other.
  2. Raise both your hands above the head while inhaling.
  3. At the same time, bend your knees a little, like you're sitting in a chair.
  4. Stay in this position for at least 1 minute.
  5. Get back to the standing position and relax.

For beginners, this yoga asana will be very difficult to practice. But with time, it will become easier. So, in the beginning, try to stay in this position for 5 to 10 seconds (or as long as you can hold). This pose can be practiced 10 times every day, which can be increased for every 3 days, based on your stamina.

Target Area: from Thighs and Tummy.

Warrior Sequence (Warrior Pose 1, 2 and Chair Pose)

#4.Boat Pose Abs Yoga Exercise

Boat Pose (Naukasana) by Shilpa Shetty
Image: wikipedia.org

This boat pose is particularly known to increase stamina and at the same time reduce abdominal or tummy fat. Apart from burning fat stored in the tummy region, it also strengthens your lower and upper body.

  1. Sleep on your back on a Yoga mat.
  2. Slowly raise both your legs in the upward direction up till 45 degree angle. Don't forget to inhale while lifting your feet. Note that you should not bend your knees.
  3. Now, lift your upper body in an attempt to touch your lifted legs. This forms a 'V' shape. Note that your arms should be raised to the level of your shoulders.

Stay in this position for as long as you're able to hold. You'll feel a lot of vibrations in your tummy when you perform this pose. It means that the muscles are being active and burning fat.

Target Area: Reduces tummy fat and strengthens upper + lower body.

Naukasana (The Boat Pose) by Shilpa Shetty

#5.Bridge Pose Yoga for Strengthening Muscle

Bridge Pose for Muscle Strengthening
Image: natural-health-for-fertility.com
  1. Lay back on the ground, with your knees bent and feet touching the ground.
  2. Put your hands on the ground, with your palms touching the ground downwards.
  3. Next, lift your hips away from the ground in a way that you've to balance your whole weight using just your hands and feet.

This particular yoga pose will strengthen your muscle. If you want to take the strain further, you can lift one leg in the mid-air for around 20 seconds and repeat the same with the other leg. This will give you maximum benefits from this particular asana.

Target Area: Muscles

Bridge Pose (Setubandhasana)

#6.Cobbler's Pose or Baddha Konasana

Cobbler's Yoga pose to lose weight from thighs
Image: askdoctork.com

  1. Sit on a mat, keeping your spine straight.
  2. Bend your knees, with the soles of your feet touching one another.
  3. Press the soles tightly together and hold them with your hands.
  4. Stay in this pose for 1 to 5 minutes; don’t forget to inhale and exhale while doing this asana.

Target Area: Hips, Groin and Thighs

#7.Locust Pose (Salabhasana)

Salabhasana Yoga exercise to burn fat from hips
Img: gaiamtv.com

If you're looking for the Yoga poses to reduce hips, then this asana is for you.

  1. Lie down on your tummy with your both palms facing the floor.
  2. Inhale; lift your both legs up to 45 degrees without bending your knees.
  3. Now, lift your upper body and hands in such a way that you need to balance all your weight on your tummy. Doing so will stretch your abdominal muscles.

Target Area: Hips, stretches Leg Muscles

#8.Camel Pose

camel yoga pose to eliminate fat from body

  1. Sit down on your feet (use a mat) with the knees and calves touching each other.
  2. Now, stand on your knees and place your hands on the hips.
  3. Stretch your torso; look above while doing so.
  4. Next, slowly, hold your heels with your hands.
  5. Now, stretch your tummy and chest by bending backwards. While doing so, you'll feel the strain on your arms.
Target Area: This particular yoga pose will burn the fat in all parts of your body.

Ustrasana (The Camel Pose) by Shilpa Shetty

The above mentioned yoga poses for weight loss will not only help you to burn fat, but also strengthens your muscles, thus giving you a lighter body frame. These yogasanas also reduce constipation, stress and nervous tension, thereby making you live a healthy and tension-free life. Practice these yoga exercises every day for a better living.


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