Is GM Diet a Crash Diet? Pros & Cons of General Motors Diet

We're living in a busy World where people are not having ample amount of time to prepare a nutritious diet and so depending on the fast food centers, this imposing negative effect on their health. The main problem that arises due to improper diet is the unhealthy weight gain. We're following the proverb 'time is money' and thus compromising on our nutrition

What is a Crash Diet?

A crash diet is a simple regimen where we limit calorie consumption in order to attain quick weight loss possible. Unfortunately, the results may not stay for long periods of time and you may start gaining all the lost pounds back within a span of weeks. Since these 'fad diets' are extreme in nutritive withdrawals, they're neither healthy nor largely effective in attaining long term weight loss benefits.
Is GM Diet Considered as Crash Diet?
The main reason why these crash diet results don't stay long is because your body's basal metabolic rate will be slowed down as you jam your calorie intake. Although, some weight is lost during the initial periods, you start gaining it back with time. And when you return to your original diet, you'll surely gain double the weight you've lost through the crash diets. So, it is a never ending process - lose weight, regain, return to crash diet and so on...

What is GM Diet? Is it a Crash diet?

The GM or the General Motors diet is an exclusive blueprint that helps you lose close to 10-17 pounds in a week's time i.e., 7 days. Unlike the other crash or fad diets, dropping weight is not the only objective of the General Motors diet plan. Along with the weight loss, there are many other benefits of the diet such as

  • It helps you to cleanse and detoxify your body
  • Get back the lost muscle due to weight loss
  • Improve your mental state and attitude

Since most of the crash diets tell you to cut calorie and carb intake to lose weight, the GM diet tells otherwise, i.e., eat to your heart's content without starving, but eat only the allowed foods. Saying so, you'll lose pounds successfully without starving your body.

What happens when you follow the crash diets?

First of all, your body makes use of the glycogen (also known as simple carbohydrates) that is stored in your liver and muscles to sustain. Since water is stored along with Glycogen, you'll lose all the water weight initially.

Once your body uses all the stored carbs, then it enters into the hunger mode where the protein in your muscles will be used by the body to sustain. As a result, Ketones (toxic compounds) will be generated, making you feel exhausted and causing severe headaches.

Being said that, you'll lose all the muscle (proteins) while you're trying to lose weight through crash diets or low calorie diets. So, if you've set a target to lose a lot of weight doing crash diets, then you'll also lose a lot of muscle.

Once you get back to your regular or pre-diet habits, then you'll regain all the pounds you've lost, and possibly much more than you've lost, within a week or so. To say this scientifically, your slow absorption mechanism (due to the crash diet) will not be able to process the incoming calories and therefore, stores them in the form of fat, making you fat.

Not just weight gain, people who do crash diets are likely to notice gout, kidney problems and an increased risk of heart diseases.

Final Verdict:

There are a wide variety of diet programs that help you lose weight, but you should be wise in selecting the ones that make you lose weight without putting your health at risk. GM Diet is programmed in such a way that it improves your health, at the same help you get fit. However, like any other diet program, you'll regain your weight if you get back to your regular diet habits (which is unavoidable). So, if you wanted to stay fit, it is better you shift to a healthy lifestyle, which includes multiple small meals in regular intervals of time (with 2 hours of gap in between).

Here is a 1200 calorie Indian diet if you're looking for a healthy lifestyle (to maintain your weight).

Hope you got a clear idea about the crash diets or low carb diets which will help you lose weight, but definitely spoils your health. So, choose wisely.


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