Risks & Problems of Overweight in Pregnancy

Giving life to a new being is definitely the most wonderful feeling in this World and it is surely a God's gift. Every Women wishes to give birth to a boy or girl after she gets married. However, not all Women could conceive immediately after they had the intercourse. There are many reasons for Women not able to get pregnant and one among them is the 'over weight'. Yes! Women who are overweight are less likely to get pregnant than those who maintain ideal weight.

Since, not many could afford to go to a gym or fitness center to lose weight, we're suggesting those Women to try the GM diet, which is scientifically proven to reduce your pounds in a least period of time. Still thinking to go on a diet before pregnancy? Then go ahead and read the points below.

P.S: It is not advised to follow the GM diet during pregnancy.

Benefits of Losing Weight before Pregnancy

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1.Your chances to Conceive will be increased

As we said earlier, when compared to normal weight women, the overweight Women are less likely to conceive easily. So, it is highly advised that you start losing some pounds if you're planning to have a baby in the coming months.

2.You'll gain less weight during the pregnancy

The Women with normal weight will gain approximately 10 to 15 kilos during their pregnancy period. That means, if they weigh 60 kgs before the pregnancy, then they would end up with 70 or 75 kgs after the pregnancy. But, what about the women who're overweight? Don't ask me! You can calculate for yourself. Since your body is already used to store fat deposits, you're likely gain even more weight during your pregnancy period. Losing those extra pounds will become a real big headache for you. So why not get to your normal weight now and easily lose those additional pounds you put up during your pregnancy afterwards.

3.You can avoid back pain while you're carrying

Do you know that almost 80% of the pregnant women suffer with back pain? This is because the muscle around your spine will be very weak and it will not be able to withstand the weight of your baby. If you lose weight before getting pregnant, then you don't have to put unnecessary strain on your back while carrying the baby (including your own weight). Also, try to do some light exercises to strengthen your muscles. Take advice from your doctor if you're already carrying.

4.You can avoid Caesarean too

When compared to women with normal weight, there is an increased possibility of having a caesarean during the delivery in overweight women. There is also a risk of getting high blood glucose levels during the pregnancy as well as at the time of the delivery if you're overweight.

5.You can quickly lose the baby weight

If you're already slim before the pregnancy, then you gain just 10 or 15 kgs more and losing those few extra pounds is not so difficult when compared to 20 or 25 kgs in overweight women. The less weight you achieve, the faster you can get rid of it.

Finally, all I want to say is one thing. If you start the Day 1 of your pregnancy with normal weight, then you'll enjoy your pre and post pregnancy life without any health issues. Stay fit and avoid High BP or Caesarean during your pregnancy.

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