Can Pregnant Women Follow the GM Diet? GM Diet After Delivery?

The General Motors diet a.k.a GM diet is a popular 7 day weight loss program where you'll have to eat only the suggested foods and liquids. Due to its strict rules and actions that require proper discipline, this 1 week diet is proven to be an effective weight loss regime.

However, there are a few people who should not follow the General Motors diet as it may lead to other problems.
GM Diet for Pregnant Women

Can Pregnant Women Follow the GM Diet?

Absolutely not! This is because the pregnant women require a lot of nutrients as she need to feed her baby and herself. Unfortunately, GM diet is a strict diet where you'll be eating more foods with less calories and required nutrients. So, when the pregnant women follow the GM diet, they'll be deprived of the nutrients that are required for the baby's growth.

This is the reason why women who are pregnant should follow any diet or weight loss programs and should stick to the healthy foods in their regimen.

When Can Pregnant Women Start the GM Diet after the Delivery?

The most common problem faced by women post delivery is they put up excess pounds and many fail to get back their flat body or pre-pregnancy body. Since the regular diet and exercise take more time to produce results, is it best to start the GM Diet after the delivery?

The answer is No! You should not start the General motors diet immediately post the delivery why because you'll need all the nutrients to get back your strength and at the same time to provide your baby with the right vitamins and minerals required for her health. Hence, it is advised that you should not follow the diet until you're done with your breastfeeding period.

This period normally varies from one mother to another. Some mothers continue breastfeeding until their baby is at least 6 months old, while some stop it after a few weeks of their birth.


GM Diet should not be followed by Women starting from the 1st month of their pregnancy period till 6 months post the delivery or until you stop breastfeeding your child.


  1. I've started working n my baby is of 8 months i feed him only at night, still I should not start g m diet

    1. if possible, breastfeed your baby for another 2 months, and then start the advise.