Can I Do Yoga While on the GM Diet Plan?

Of course you can practice Yoga while on the GM Diet or in that case any other diet program! Yoga is a great way to supplement any weight loss diets, especially the General Motors diet. Many people often get confused whether they can exercise while on the GM diet or not. In fact, it is advised to perform exercises while on the diet for better weight loss results;

However, the high intensity workouts should be avoided due to the fact that your body will not have enough energy sources during the 1 week diet program. This is where the Yoga scores higher than the regular exercises as it don’t require much energy to perform.

Yoga is actually a relaxing workout program which is also an effective way to lose weight naturally without shedding sweat. The followers of the GM Diet are generally suggested to perform workouts with low intensity as it helps keep their muscles active and Yoga is the ideal solution.

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Sample Yoga Workouts for GM Diet Followers

Below you can find a sample Yoga workout regime that you can follow while on the GM Diet. You can practice this 5 step Yoga routine twice a day - one at the start and the other at the end of the day. The interesting thing is that this Yoga routine requires only 10 minutes of your time and can be easily performed at any place you desired.

Step 1: Stand with both your feet together and palms in front of your chest (folding). Close your eyes and chant the word (mantra) - 'Om Mitraya Namaha' while breathing as usual.

Step 2: Raise your arms over your head and shoulders while your palms touching each other. Make sure that your abdomen is stretched by leaning backwards. While inhaling, chant the mantra "Om Khagaya Namaha" and then exhale normally.

Yoga Exercises and GM Diet

Step 3: Completely bend forward and place your palms at the side of your feet. You should touch your knees with your forehead and exhale deeply in this position. Then chant the mantra 'Om Suryaya Namaha' during the posture.

Step 4: On the ground, take one leg back and keep your other leg in front with your palms firmly on the floor. With your head raised up, inhale and chant the mantra 'Om Bhanuvaye Namaha'.

Step 5: Now, you can return to the Step 1. Breath normally and chant the mantra 'Om Bhaskaraya Namaha'.

Hope these simple to do Yoga exercises combined with the General Motors diet will help you achieve better results. All the best :)


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