Most Common Exercise & Diet Myths You Should Know About

Internet is flooded with loads of information about Weight management, nutrition and body building but most of the webmasters who manage those websites doesn't really know try those tips but just write them without knowing the truth behind them. So, today we'd like to share our thoughts about different exercise and diet myths which you might be wrong about.

People who blindly follow these myths may not see the results as they're not trying them because someone on the web has said it as a myth. So, in this guide we've gathered some valuable information from the fitness experts so that you can know what is right and which is false.

Exercise & Diet Myths Debunked

Most Common Exercise Myths

#1: Stretching Before a Workout is Important

Wrong! Many fitness experts and studies suggest that stretching after you performed an exercise is beneficial and not before the workout. If you stretch before a workout, then you may destabilize your muscle which isn’t advised.

However, you can perform Yoga exercises or normal warmups before working out.

#2: Crunches will help in Losing Belly Fat

Wrong! Crunches are actually meant for making your abdominal muscles bigger, but they'll not appear until you lose your belly fat.

The best way to shed fat from your belly is to do Cardio along with a proper diet as it will help in losing fat on your entire body.

The secret of weight loss is to eat less calories and burn more calories so that your body will use the excess fat as a source of energy.

#3: Exercise Turns Fat into Muscle

Absolutely Not! While exercising, your body will use the fat as the energy source and in the same time you'll get some muscle as a result of the exercise. But, many people mistake that their fat is being converted into muscle.

#4: Girls Will Become Muscular after Weight Training

Testosterone plays the major part in muscle growth. Usually males will have 20x more testosterone than females and so the girls will only lose their body fat and tone their muscles if they've undergone weight training.

Most Common Diet Myths

#1: Never Eat Before a Workout

Completely False! Experts actually suggest that eating 1 or 2 hours before working out is beneficial as you'll need energy and protein to be able to exercise well, burn fat and build muscle.

#2: Vegetarian Diets are better than Non-veg diets

Cutting out an entire food group is not beneficial for any human being as it will induce in the deficiency of iron in our body. Vegetarian diet may be good for cleansing and weight loss but you won't get the required macro-nutrients solely from veg only diet. So, it is better to follow a diet which includes a portion of non-veg as well.

#3: Eat healthy & you’ll lose Weight

A Calorie is a calorie no matter in what form you're taking it. So, even if you eat too much of healthy foods, you're likely to put on weight for sure. So, better stick to the small meals multiple times a day to stay healthy.

#4: Fresh fruits are better than the Frozen ones

Normally, all the fruits will be gathered from the farms and are kept in storage for a longer period before they hit the supermarkets. In this span, they lose some vitamins, especially Vitamin C. But, frozen fruits keep all the vitamins intact and so it is better to have frozen fruit.
Tip: If you bring home a bucket of fruits to have for the whole week, then it is advised to store them in the refrigerator rather than leaving outside to keep the remaining vitamins intact until you eat them.

#5: Eating Late nights will make you gain weight

People normally tend to eat more during the nights than the daytime because they don't find enough time to eat during the morning times. But, people who eat more irrespective of the time and take rest tend to gain some weight for sure. That is why the impression that we gain weight if we eat late is created.
Tip: It is advised to eat more during the day & less during the night because in the day time we'll have some work to do and the calories we gain will automatically be burned.
That's all Friends! We've tried to cover the most popular myths about Exercising and Dieting in this guide. At the end, we'd like to share one important point - "Separate your eating quantities into multiple portions throughout the day and you'll never gain weight again".

Have a healthy life :)


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