Can I Do Exercise during the GM Diet Course?

The General Motors Diet which is more popularly known as the GM Diet can be very stressful and weakening due to inadequate carbohydrates which actually serve as our body's source of energy. Many followers of this 1 week diet plan usually feel lethargic during the first 3 days of the course. A lot of them obviously fall sick for the rest of the week and a few just opt out of the diet program. Either way, they won't be able to see the results.

That is the reason why the followers of the GM diet program should implement an exercise regime throughout the 7 day course. However, these exercises do not need to be intensive; they're just essential to keep your muscles active.

We've earlier discussed a simple 7 minute workout which anyone can do at home and it doesn't require any equipment too. This easy to do exercise is meant to burn more calories in less time.

Apart from the 7 minute workout, you can also follow the below simple and effective exercises throughout your 1 week diet period.
Exercises and GM Diet
Breathing: These breathing exercises are meant to release the stress incurred during the diet. It allows your internal organs to relax and stay together despite the lot of changes occurred because of the weight loss regime you're following. A 10 minute breathing exercise per day is more than sufficient to stay relaxed.

Stretching: Once you complete the breathing exercise, you can then head over to a few stretching routines. By Stretching, your muscles are flexed and it also improves stamina, balance and endurance levels. Another best thing about Stretching is that it prevents your body from feeling sick.

Brisk Walking: If you're bored of performing these little exercises at home, you can simply go out and do 1 hour of a brisk walk. Besides burning calories, walking keeps your mind busy and entertained.

What to Avoid During a GM Diet?

There are few activities which you should avoid while on the General Motors diet program.

Running: We don't recommend running as part of the GM Diet as it may negatively affect the person's health while on the diet. As your body will not have enough energy to sustain activities with high intensity, it is better you should avoid running during the 1 week course. Instead, do a brisk walk for an hour.

Strength Training: Weight lifting and heavy body building exercises should also be avoided as they require more energy. Since your muscles are weaker during this period, you won't be having enough energy sources to perform such activities.

That's all Friends! GM Diet is meant for the people who're looking to lose weight in less period of time without affecting their health in a negative manner. So, please make sure you follow the guidelines as suggested by the experts for better weight loss results.

In case if you've any doubts related to the diet or exercises, please feel free to drop us a comment.


  1. Does the gm diet and the exercise associated with it interfear with the menstrual cycle ?

    1. gm diet should not be follow during the menstrual cycle..