GM Diet Reviews - Does the GM Diet Program Work?

GM Diet is nothing but a simple weight loss management plan first developed by the GM (General Motors) Corporation in order to help keep their staff stay healthy and be in shape. This particular diet plan involves the consumption of selected foods (rich in proteins sufficient for a human body to survive the whole day), in contrast to weekly schedules. This diet regime actually started as an in-house program within the GM Corporation but became popular worldwide today. By following the GM diet, you can easily reduce up to 10 to 17 pounds (4 to 7 KGs) in just 7days naturally. The beauty of this 7 day diet plan is that you shed weight by providing what is necessary for your body to survive. As you follow the diet, it helps you both reducing the weight and the same time help you to cleanse and detoxify your body. There are few enthusiasts who follow this 7 day GM diet once every few months, primarily to cleanse & detoxify their body rather than for just weight loss.
GM Diet Weight Loss Plan

Does the GM Diet Plan Really Work?

Over the past few years, the GM diet has become very popular among the people who’re desperately looking to lose weight naturally. However, there are still a few people who question the effectiveness of this diet. According to a recent study, the General Motors diet has been proved to be effective in getting rid of those excess pounds at a much faster rate, i.e. at least 10 pounds (4 Kilos) a week. However, the normal weight loss diets will only help you to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week which makes the GM diet more powerful to others. All this diet includes is raw fruits, raw & boiled vegetables and reduced intake of meat in those 7 days. In order to increase the effectiveness of this diet, the experts suggest that you should supplement your diet with a regular exercise routine which just takes 10 minutes of your daily routine. This is because if you work out for at least 10 minutes every day, then your body’s metabolism would be improved thus letting you shed more weight in the same 7 day span.

How to Prepare for the GM Diet?

If you’re looking to reduce excess weight through the GM diet weight loss management regimen, then you should be able to control or withstand few obstacles. They are...
  • Excess sweating
  • Occasional cravings or feeling of hunger
  • Momentary weakness
The above mentioned side effects would be seen on the first day (also on the 2nd day in some rare cases) of the 7 days GM diet plan. The best way to overcome these obstacles is to stay hydrated. That means, you’ll have drink water regularly (8-10 glasses per day) in order to overcome cravings as well to boost your metabolism. Those who follow this diet without proper preparation may suffer with the below problems
  • Muscle pain and weakness
  • Increase in the body temperatures
  • Malaise – General discomfort or uneasiness
Luckily, all these problems can be solved by the intake of adequate water regularly during the diet period.

GM Diet & Alcohol

Alcohol intake should be avoided while you’re following this diet regimen. It should be your first in your list while preparing for the GM diet program. The main reason behind avoiding alcohol is that it prevents the effects of your diet from showing up as well as it triggers water retention and so those who ignore this suggestion would end up with the same weight even after dieting for the whole week.

Side Effects of GM Diet Plan

As this is a fast-paced diet plan, the followers of the GM diet will likely to experience conditions such as:
  • Muscle weakness – This is primarily because there will be a deficiency in the proteins required for the muscle tissues in the first few days. However, this condition will become normal once your system gets used to the nutrients provided by the foods that you consume on the following days.
  • Thirst & Dehydration – Like we said in the start of this article, people may feel thirsty and also suffer from dehydration as their fluids will be used by the body in an attempt to foster their metabolism. So, they’re always advised to drink adequate water throughout the day whenever they feel hungry or get thirsty.
  • Headaches & Malaise – On the first days (1 and 2), people may experience headaches as well as uneasiness which is mainly because their body is still in the process of getting used to the dietary effects. So, if your main goal is to lose weight, then you should withstand these obstacles in order to achieve your goal.
You can overcome all these or any other side effects of the GM diet by:
  1. Following the regimen strictly in a continuous order. Don’t cheat the program either by skipping a few days in the middle or replacing the foods with high calorie foods as it may not only give the result you wanted but also make you a few pounds fatter.
  2. Supplement the diet with a proper exercise, followed by water intake and finally rest. This would help your body to get accustomed to the new diet at a much faster manner thus avoiding all the above mentioned side effects.
By following the GM Diet plan exactly how it is defined, you’ll see awesome results. If you’re convinced of the real benefits of this diet, then browse our archives to gain full insights of this diet.
GM Diet Plan: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6 and Day 7.
If you're overweight, there are many diet plans to lose weight and the GM Diet program is one of such kind. Losing overall weight may not be that simple, but it is not that tough too. The weight loss is a pure science: Increase physical activity & decrease the intake of calories through foods. However, losing weight in particular or selective places is very difficult and it won't be possible through the diet programs. One such problematic area is the arm.

This 'arm fat' problem is very common these days in both boys and girls. Girls want to look fab with toned and slim arms while guys like to show-off their huge muscles. These saggy arms make your arms look much bigger and so you won't be able to go sleeveless or carry them in a slim fit dress.

Best Exercises to Lose Arm Fat at Home

The fat stored in your arm region is very tough to lose through dieting. You'll need to perform some targeted exercises to reduce upper arm fat. In this article, we have discussed the best workouts to tone your arm muscles.

1.Lifting Weights

Arm Toning Workouts in Office chair
You can either use the light weight dumbbells (1kg) or simply pick up a 2 liter water or drink bottle to perform this weight lift exercise. Do ensure that you're not using weights beyond your capability; else you'll end up with muscle pains.

By keeping your arms straight, lift the weights or bottle with your hands over your head. This will be your starting position. From there, lower and bring the weights up behind your back. Try to do at least 3 sets comprising 20 repetitions each. You can take 1 min rest between the sets.

P.S: With experience, you can increase the weights as well as the sets for maximum results. This special workout is very effective in getting rid of your arm fat.


Hand Scissors for flat arms
This particular exercise is one of the fastest ways to burn your arm fat. As the name resembles, you'll need to move your hands like how the scissor works.

Stand straight and lift both of your hands to your shoulder height. Move your hands to their appropriate sides and bring them back to your front by overlapping the left hand with the right one, just like the scissor. Next time, overlap your right hand with the left one. Try to perform this workout for at least 30 times daily for best results.

3.Arm Press with a Twist

Arm strengthening exercises with water bottle
Start with a 1kg weights or 2 liter water bottle in your right hand, arms bent in the shape of a wide 'W'. Straighten & extend your right arm up, twisting it in such a way that your palm faces the ground. Go back to the starting position. This particular exercise targets biceps and shoulders, thus helps you in eliminating fat arms. Try to perform 3 sets of 10 reps each and then switch to the other sides.

4.Chair Dips

Triceps Exercise to Burn Arm Fat
In order to perform this exercise, you'll need either a bed or strong chair or anything that is strong and is good on the ground. Don't choose soft items like Sofa for this workout as they will make it hard to perform this arm toning exercise.

Make sure you've enough space in front of the item in order to perform this exercise. By keeping your arms, shoulder width apart, face your body away from the item. Next, place your hands on it and move few steps away from the item (chair or bed). This will be your starting position. Now, push yourself down by bending the hands, aiming to touch the ground. Return back to your normal position. Try to do at least 3 sets of 20 repetitions each.

5.Regular Push Ups

Hand Push ups to Lose Arm Fat
Like you already know, these are the regular push up exercises which you'll have to perform on the ground with your hands in front of you. If you're a beginner, you can use your knees and hands to perform this exercise. Once you've gained some experience, you can then use your hands and toes.

This exercise will help in strengthening your muscle to the maximum. Try to do at least 3 to 4 sets of 10 repetitions each for best results.

6.Counter Push Ups

Counter Pushups for Loosing Arm Fat

In this exercise, you should use either a table or counter with strong surface. Instead of doing push ups on the ground with the floor as the support, you'll have to lean your body with your hands on the item to perform this workout. Like the other exercises, you'll need to perform 3 sets of 20 reps each.

All the above mentioned arm toning exercises give you the best results when performed daily without fail. It is definitely possible to lose arm fat in just a week if you dedicate at least 30 minutes of your time to perform these arm fat burning exercises daily.

Note: With experience, you can increase the sets as well as the weights and maximize your results.
Overweight has become the biggest problem of many people these days. The main culprit for gaining excess weight is our ‘lifestyle’. Yes! We're living in a World where we do(ca)n't allot time for our health. We're making several excuses to lead a healthy lifestyle and later regretting for not following the same. Luckily, there are many ways through which one can lose the excess body weight and stay fit. One popular way is the DIET mantra.

By making simple changes to our diet and daily schedule, we can become fit and healthy without killing much time. I've written a detailed 1200 calorie meal plan earlier, but that diet plan doesn't suit everyone and should be followed only by the people whose daily calorie requirement is 1700 calories. However, not everyone can survive with such a low calorie intake and so it is better to check your daily calorie needs before trying any diet plans. For those people with 2000 or above daily calorie needs, I am composing this meal plan.

What's Up with the 1500 Cal Magical Figure?

The lifestyle and body type differ from one individual to another and so is the calorie requirement. For suppose, if your body needs 2200 calories per day to survive, then eating more than that required amount will make you fatter and sticking to the 2200 calories can help you maintain your weight. If you want to lose weight, then you can follow the 1500 cal diet plan.

It is as simple as that. Give only what your body needs and it will automatically burn the excess fat stored in your body in order to survive.

Who Can Follow the Low Calorie (1500) Diet?

First of all, go and check your daily calorie needs using this calculator. If your suggested cal intake is 1800 to 2200 cal, then you can happily follow this diet. However, you should not perform any strenuous exercises or activities while on this meal plan.

How Does the 1500 Calorie Diet Work?

Instead of eating 3 large meals a day, we're simply dividing it to 6 small meals a day, so that it boosts our metabolism, thereby helping our body burn more calories.

Sample 1500 Calorie Weight Loss Indian Diet Plan

  1. Breakfast (8.30AM): Milk/Tea 1 Cup + Brown bread with Salad filling or Boiled Egg (only white part) {Choose either brown bread or egg but not both}
  2. Mid-Morning Snack (11AM): Sprouts or roasted gram (10gms)
  3. Lunch (1.30PM): Vegetable Salad/Soup + 2 small Chapatis with dal or vegetable curry + 1 cup (150ml) curd made from double toned milk.
  4. Evening Snack (5PM): 1 Fruit (either Apple or Pear) or Oats Upma with desired vegetables (excluding potato).
  5. Dinner (7PM): same as lunch
  6. Bed Time (9 or 10PM): Drink a glass of warm milk (skimmed) with less or no sugar.

The main reason why 6 meals are suggested is that your intestine will have to digest whenever you eat something. Here in our meal plan, we're making our intestine to work, but not providing high calorie foods, so that it can take those calories from the already deposited fat in our body.

Salads in our diet help our body with vital nutrients and whole wheat provides fiber. You should also drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water every day so that your body can flush out toxins easily.

Foods to Avoid for Better Weight Loss Results

  • Anything from Bakery store (except brown bread)
  • No sweets, Sugary foods, jam, jelly etc...
  • No potato, yam, arbi or sweet potato

Things to Note:

  • Use only olive oil for cooking. It is advised not to use more than 500ml of virgin olive oil in a month for 1 single person.
  • If needed, you can take vitamin supplements like 'supradyn' on alternative days.
  • If you're not comfortable eating chapatis, you can substitute it with 1 cup (250ml) Upma/Poha or 2 small plain dosas.

1500 Calorie Non-Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss (also for Non-Vegetarians)

  1. Breakfast: Omlette (2 Eggs, Mushroom and Onion), 1 Slice of multigrain toast with a slice of low-fat cheese, a cup of Black Coffee (add a tsp of skimmed milk if needed).
  2. Morning Snack: 1 cup Yogurt, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1/2 apple, 1 tsp flaxseeds, 5 or 6 almonds and 5 or 6 walnuts. Make sure you chew more while eating.
  3. Lunch: Make a chicken salad with these ingredients: 150gms roasted/smoked chicken pieces, 6 tomato slices, 1 small apple, chopped olives (30g), 3 tbsp olive oil, 1 cup greens (spinach, lettuce), a slice of multigrain toast and some vinaigrette to taste. While you're dieting, it is very important to eat meat from where you'll be getting lean protein for building muscle.
  4. Evening Snack: 1 cup sprouts with salt, pepper and lemon to taste and a small mocha latte.
  5. Dinner: 1 cup tomato soup, 200g steamed basa fish, 1 cup grilled vegetables (avoid potato). Using these ingredients, prepare steamed fish fillets. You'll get omega-3 from fish.
  6. Bed Time: Have a glass of warm milk with or without sugar.

P.S: Drink enough water (3 to 4 liters) every day without fail for best results. You can also do aerobics or yoga along with the diet.

That's all Friends! If you're from India, you can follow the Indian meal plan, else you can follow the international/US version of the 1500 calorie diet plan.

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